Stuart F. Simmons
Geothermal & Precious Metal Resources

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Geothermal energy involves transfer of heat from great depth to the surface via the flow of hot fluid, which is stored in subsurface reservoirs. This hot fluid also transports metals to produce rich mineral deposits containing gold and silver. These systems occur in a diversity of geological settings where there is anomalous heat flow.

With 35 years of experience, I evaluate and assess how and where geothermal and mineral resources occur. I specialize in analyzing and interpreting chemical, mineralogical, hydrological, lithological, geophysical, and other geoscientific data associated with hot springs, wells, volcanoes and gold-silver deposits. I also deliver short courses (1-5 days), and I lead field excursions through the Taupo Volcanic Zone and Coromandel Peninsula.

I split my time between Auckland, New Zealand and Salt Lake City, Utah (EGI, U Utah). I am the former Director of the Geothermal Institute, University of Auckland. I have worked on many geothermal systems and gold-silver deposits in New Zealand and around the Pacific Rim. I have published over 70 scientific articles on a wide range of topics dealing with geothermal systems, hot springs, hydrothermal minerals, and the formation of epithermal precious metal deposits.

I provide the best geoscientific advice and interpretations of rocks, minerals, and fluids in disovery and exploitation of geothermal and mineral resources.