Stuart F. Simmons
Geothermal & Precious Metal Resources

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Education: Macalester BA, University Minnesota MS, PhD Geology 

2013-present: Research Professor, EGI-University of Utah
2008-present: Peer Review Panel-Environment Waikato-Wairakei geothermal resource
2004-present: Publications Board, Society of Economic Geologists
1996-present: Peer Review Panel-Northland Regional Council-Ngawha geothermal resource

Awards & Honours:
2014 Silver Medal, Society of Economic Geologists
2013 Society of Economic Geologists, Brian Skinner Best Paper Award (Rowland & Simmons, 2012
2007 Society of Economic Geologists Regional VP Lecturer (Oceania region)
1993 Hochstetter Lecturer, New Zealand Geological Society

Professional Societies:
Society of Economic Geologists
New Zealand Geothermal Association
Geological Society of America
American Geophysical Union
Geoscience Society of New Zealand
Geothermal Resources Council

Editorial Boards:
Economic Geology (Society of Economic Geologists)
Geothermics (Elsevier)
Geofluids (Blackwell)

Select Publications:

Simmons, S. F., Brown, K. L., and Tutulo, B., M., 2016, Hydrothermal transport of Ag, Au, Cu, Pb, Te, Zn, and other metals and metalloids in New Zealand geothermal systems: Spatial Patterns, Fluid-mineral Equilibria, and Implications for Epithermal Mineralization: Economic Geology , in press

Simmons, S. F., Brown, K. L., Browne, P.R.L., and Rowland, J.R., 2016, Gold and silver resources in TVZ geothermal systems: Geothermics, v. 59, p. 205-214.

Simmons, S. F., and Allis, R., 2015, Geothermal energy for mines and the opportunities for northeast Nevada: SEG Newsletter, n. 103, p. 1-18.

Simmons, S.F., Kirby, S., Moore, J.N., Wannamaker, P., and Allis, R., 2015, Comparative analysis of fluid chemistry from Cove Fort, Roosevelt and Thermo: Implications for geothermal resources and hydrothermal systems on the east edge of the Great Basin: Proceedings Geothermal Resources Council, v. 39, p. 55-61.

Simmons, S.F., Moore, J.N., and McCulloch, J., 2014, Assessment of Fluid Mineral Equilibria in the Coso geothermal reservoir: Proceedings of the 36 NZ Geothermal Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand, 4 pp.

Moore, J. N. and Simmons. S. F., 2013, More power from below: Science, v. 340, p. 933-934.

Rowland, J. and Simmons, S. F., 2012, Hydrologic, magmatic, and tectonic controls on hydrothermal flow, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: Implications for the formation of epithermal vein deposits: Economic Geology, v.107, p. 427-457.

Simmons, S. F. and Brown, K. L., 2007, The flux of gold and related metals through a volcanic arc, Taupo Volcanic Zone: Geology, v. 35, p. 1099-1102.

Simmons, S. F., Simpson, M. P., and Reynolds, T. J., 2007, The significance of clathrates in fluid inclusions and the evidence for overpressuring in the Broadlands-Ohaaki geothermal system, New Zealand: Economic Geology, v. 102, p. 127-135.

Simmons, S. F. and Brown, K. L., 2006, Gold in magmatic hydrothermal solutions and the rapid formation of a giant ore deposit: Science, v. 314, p. 288-291.

Simmons, S. F., White, N. C. and John, D., 2005, Geological characteristics of epithermal precious and base metal deposits: Economic Geology 100th Anniversary Volume, p. 485-522.

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